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All pilots must possess valid medical certificate in order to exercise the priviledges of their license. Therefore, periodic medical examinations are required. The period between such examinations and therefore the date of expiration depends on the age of the pilot, the class of medical he holds and the date of the last medical examination.

This online medical calculator determines the expiration date of a pilots medical based on these factors according to the JAR rules.

Online Medical Calculator (JAR)
Date of birth
Medical class
Last medical issued at

Medical Status
Pilots responsibilities concerning their Medical Status

General Information on JAA Requirements
The Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR or sometimes JARs) are a series of regulations covering the whole of aviation that have been, or are being, implemented by the European states of the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). These replace national regulations so that a harmonised set of standards are applied by all the states. The aim is to allow a seamless interchange of aircraft, operations, training and licensing throughout the JAA states and thus the free movement of aviation personnel among them. A new system of European aviation regulation (EASA – the European Aviation Safety Agency) was introduced in September 2003, and will gradually supersede the JAR. However, medical regulation by EASA is not expected until 2005/6.

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